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The Role of the Philosopher in Society a la Socrates

Below is a transcription of the Q&A session following my talk on the education of the philosopher in the Republic (Turning the Whole Soul). Most of the questions centered on the role the philosopher is supposed to play in society. … Continue reading

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What Good Are Exams?

Over the past few years, I have grown more concerned about the negative effects of written exams on our students. In spite of our efforts to promote “learning for its own sake”, and success in generating engaging discussions ‘from time … Continue reading

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Esolen Describes Beautiful Schools Anthony Esolen shares his delight in being a part of a small, fully intentional Catholic educational community in ways that many of us have been blessed to recognize: Yesterday as I was walking to class, two of my students, … Continue reading

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Stories in Don Quixote

“Idle Reader” is the way Cervantes chooses to address his audience at the beginning of the Prologue to Don Quixote, and it points to one of the background social problems of the work.  In the early seventeenth century Spain of … Continue reading

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