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Feeding the Imagination of the Underprivileged

My work with Catholic schools has forced me to travel to an extent that I never imagined in my happily sedate teacher’s life.   I often compare today’s anonymous mode of travel, whether on land or through the air, with something … Continue reading

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Keeping Life on People’s Minds

Yesterday our pro-life Rosary group was approached by a young woman who came to ask us why we always prayed in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic.  She was indignant, but she wanted to give us a fair chance to … Continue reading

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“Come to me!”

Thoughts from the steps of the Dome…  If there is a lovelier, more enchanting place in the world than Notre Dame’s campus on a warm summer evening, I have yet to go there. It is one of the few places … Continue reading

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The courage of Oedipus

Having just led a powerful seminar on Oedipus Rex, in which I was moved to the verge of tears by Oedipus himself, the following words about the pervasiveness of lying in our political and social lives spoke even more loudly … Continue reading

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