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John Jenkins qualifiedly reaffirms Land O’Lakes

In reflections on the Land O’Lakes document, Notre Dame President John Jenkins explains its vision of faithful Catholic education, which he thinks has been largely ignored, critiques its assumptions about the possibility of theological scholars providing integrating leadership, and suggests … Continue reading

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Cardinal Sarah explains the mutual enrichment between the two forms of the Roman rite hoped for by Pope Benedict. He points out the disaster of rejecting tradition and the promise that tradition offers for authentic development. Much of this is … Continue reading

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How to Choose the Right Catholic High School for Your Children

My favorites: 5. The entire reading list is excellent. There is not a single work that students are compelled to read which is objectionable, senseless, or even simply mediocre.   8. The faculty appears to be educated with the same … Continue reading

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Destroying Innocence

This disturbing article about Netflix’s new Anne of Green Gables series by Anna Mussmann hit me close to home. I did not discover Lucy Montgomery’s works until I was an adult on the verge of marriage, but as a romantic … Continue reading

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An Interesting Look at Authentic Catholic Education

In this recent post, Leonardo Franchi of the University of Glasgow presents his views on the way Catholic schools are and are not instruments of evangelization, drawing on the notions of communio and culture. In brief, Catholic schools are not … Continue reading

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Discussions Often Surprise

One of the delightful aspects of having discussion classes on original works is how often I am completely surprised by what students uncover that I didn’t expect. Four brief examples from recent discussions: 1) A very simple one: In discussing … Continue reading

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I was very struck by this reported conversation between a St. Augustine Academy (Ventura) parent and one of the students in his son’s class. The young man was homeschooled, but decided to attend the school after playing on the basketball … Continue reading

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Fiat Mihi: The Gift of Teaching

Fiat mihi. Our parish’s celebration of Midnight Mass is always spiritually uplifting and deeply satisfying.  My wife, eldest daughter, and I sing in the choir. We have a lovely repertoire of Christmas carols, hymns, and instrumentals that we offer in … Continue reading

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Stoic Lies and Assisted Suicide

Frequently, I find immediate connections between readings and discussions of great authors and contemporary issues. In our last CIT webinar discussion, we considered St. Augustine’s analysis of all the views held by philosophers about happiness. St. Augustine points to one … Continue reading

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Christian Spaemann on Transsexuals

Originally posted on Sancrucensis:
The psychiatrist Christian Spaemann, son of the great Catholic philosopher Robert Spaemann, has written a remarkably intelligent and balanced article on “transsexuals” and how the Church ought to give them pastoral care. The article was so good that I agreed…

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