“Come to me!”

Thoughts from the steps of the Dome… 

If there is a lovelier, more enchanting place in the world than Notre Dame’s campus on a warm summer evening, I have yet to go there. It is one of the few places where I still experience a faint glimmer of the strange and powerful magic I felt about being alive when I was a young man.

When I was a young man I often came to this top step to pause a moment and watch the world go by. 

At that point in my life everything was still new and unsettled. Endless possibilities lay before me. Adventures lurked ’round every corner. I was impish and spunky and full of life: strong and healthy and supremely overconfident about my humor, my future and my abilities.

Today I am routinely frustrated, battle worn and fatigued. Life has been more difficult than I ever could have anticipated. But returning once again to this old familiar place where I see the prominent statue of Jesus still calling to me from directly down the path, I am filled with gratitude for all the truth, goodness and beauty in my life, especially as they come to me in the forms of my wife and children.

The sound of crickets on a warm and sultry summer evening under the Dome has become a great comfort to this middle aged man. I first sat here twenty seven years ago. Nearly three decades later the feeling is still present.


On nights like this, it is not difficult to have hope.

“Venite Ad Me Omnes!” says the inscription.

I have.

And I will do so again.


Bob Kloska, Vice President of Mission Advancement at Holy Cross College, Notre Dame, Indiana, has been an inspiration for many.  He has survived three bouts with cancer,received the 2008 American Cancer Society Inspiration Award, and is married with five young children. He graciously permitted me to crib this from his Facebook page.


About Andrew Seeley

Executive Director, Institute for Catholic Liberal Education Tutor, Thomas Aquinas College
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One Response to “Come to me!”

  1. LisaS says:

    May God bless him and his family!

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