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The Heavenly Goal of Sacred Theology

St. Thomas Aquinas begins his great work, the Summa Theologiae, with a question about the nature of Sacred Theology, which he prefers to call “sacra doctrina” or “sacred teaching”.  Formally what we are doing in Sacred Theology is studying the … Continue reading

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Stories in Don Quixote

“Idle Reader” is the way Cervantes chooses to address his audience at the beginning of the Prologue to Don Quixote, and it points to one of the background social problems of the work.  In the early seventeenth century Spain of … Continue reading

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Mathematics in Classical Education

Thomas Treloar of Hillsdale College gives a very helpful overview of the role of mathematics historically and in classical education.  I think more should be said about the difference in character between algebraically-based modern mathematics, which trains us to reason … Continue reading

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Giussani’s Risk of Education

I am reading The Risk of Education by Father Luigi Giussani, founder of Communion and Liberation.  I am very impressed by the first chapter.  Guissani presents briefly but surely attitudes that are central to a proper approach to education, and … Continue reading

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Mothers’ teaching moments

Schools should help parents to understand their irreplaceable role as first educators of their children: “On the other hand, mothers who reported often using TV and movies as teaching moments about bad behaviors and unrealistic scenarios were much less likely … Continue reading

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Classical vs. Modern attitudes towards education

I gave this as the Commencement speech in June for the Lyceum Academy in Cleveland.  The theme is the difference between modern and classical attitudes, how Descartes’ modern attitude toward education contributed to the rise of the dictatorship of relativism:



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Hello world!

Welcome to the blog of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education.  Here Executive Director Andrew Seeley, and other Institute Associates will post articles, news and thoughts related to the Church’s vision for education and our mission in helping to bring … Continue reading

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